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Открытый турнир по художественной гимнастике «БЛЕСК», 9-10 марта 2024, Москва Premium Sport Products
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    Главная » 2017 » Июль » 28 » 29th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Danube Cup, 23.09.2017, Bratislava, Slovakia
    29th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Danube Cup, 23.09.2017, Bratislava, Slovakia

    29th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament
    Danube Cup
    23.09.2017, Bratislava, Slovakia


    Dear FIG affiliated Member Federation,

    Slovak Gymnastics Federation have the pleasure to invite your National Federation or RG Sports Clubs to participate in the International RG Tournament.


    Rhythmic Gymnastics


    Slovak Gymnastics federation contact person: Silvia Rohlíčková

    full address: Junácka 6, 831 04, Bratislava

    phone number: 421 903 194 368 e-mail: rohlickovas@gmail.com web site: www.sgf.sk


    Bratislava, Slovakia


    From 22nd to 24th September 2017


    Name of the Event Hall: Sports Hall “Mladosť”

    full address: Bratislava, Trnavská cesta 39, 831 04

    Tel: +421 2 4920 0309

    Fax: +421 2 4920 0300

    e-mail: shmladost@shmladost.sk

    web site: http://www.shmladost.sk/web/


    SPIETH RG floor: art.652 (beige)


    The event will be organized under the following FIG rules, as valid in the year of the event, except for any deviation mentioned in these directives:

    • Statutes
    • Technical Regulations
    • Code of Points and relevant Newsletters
    • General Judges’ Rules
    • Specific Judges’ Rules
    • Doping Control Rules
    • Licence rules (except for non competitive events)
    • Media Rules
    • Apparatus Norms
    • FIG Rules for Sanctioning (approval) of International Events
    • Advertising and Publicity Rules


    The Organizing Member Federation will invite all Member Federations according to the following principles: all FIG member federation in good standing.


    Hopes:        9-10 years (born 2008,2007)

    Prejunior: 11-12 years (born 2006, 2005)

    Junior:      13-15 years (born 2004, 2003, 2002) Senior:      16 years (born 2001) and older


    Registration will be ONLINE (National Gymnastics Federations or RG Sports Clubs can register) at http://rgform.eu/event.php?id_prop=434

    Nominative registration

    23th August 2017

    1month prior to the event


    The Entry fee for this event will be:

    30 EUR/individual gymnast

    The Entry fee for the competition must be paid in cash at arrival.


    Senior individuals max 1 gymnasts per country 4 Apparatus FIG CoP 2017 – 2020

    Junior individuals max 1 gymnasts per country


    4 Apparatus free FIG CoP 2017 – 2020

    Prejunior individuals max 1 gymnasts per country 2 Apparatus free of choice

    Hope individuals max 1 gymnasts per country 2 Apparatus free of choice


    22nd September          Arrival of Delegations and Training

    23rd September           Judge’s and Team’s meeting at the sports hall All Around Competition

    23rd/24th September     Departure of delegations


    Medical services provided in the gym by OC


    Please verify immediately with your travel agent or the Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your country if a visa is required for your travel to Slovakia. The Organizing Committee will be happy to assist each Delegation member with an official invitation letter, provided that the request is made before 1th August 2017 to the LOC. The request must include the function, full name, gender, date of birth, citizenship and passport number, passport expiry date, the arrival and departure dates of the Delegation Member as well as the city the visa application support letter must be sent to.


    The Host Federation, the Organizing Committee and the FIG will not be held responsible for any liabilities in case of accidents, illness, repatriation and the like. The FIG Technical Regulations foresee that all participating Federations are responsible for making their own arrangements to have the necessary valid insurance coverage against illness, accidents and for repatriation for all the members of their delegation. The LOC will verify the insurance upon arrival of the delegation members (e.g. cover note or photocopy of the valid policy). Delegation members with insufficient insurance cover must inform the LOC in advance.


    The invited participating federations must pay for the travel costs of their delegation members.


    The organiser only recommends the participants only nearest Hotels. Reservations and payment can make everyone at their own expense. Hotel NIVY ***

    Líščie Nivy 3, 821 08 Bratislava 2 hotel@hotelnivy.sk  http://hotelnivy.sk/en

    Hotel TURIST*

    Ondavská 5, 820 05 Bratislava 25 hotel@turist.sk



    The LOC arrange refreshment for judges and coaches, watter for gymnasts. In the hall there will be Buffet (hot meals, drinks, sweets, snacks).


    The participating member federations must send one FIG judge with current valid Brevet (XIV cycle) or judge with national valit Brevet CoP 2017-2020. Delegations coming without judge will have a charge of 50 euro in cash at arrival.


    Media Policy: our aim is to inform the Slovak audience about our event and to increase the awareness of rythmic gymnastics and the Danube Cup. This we achieve using printed, online and other electronic media. We use our website and facebook page to spread the information and send press releases to sport magazines and sport dailies.


    Website: www.sgf.sk

    Facebook event: 29th Danube Cup 2017




    Nominative Registration




    23rd August 2017

    MUSIC in mp3 format



    18th September 2017

    Visa Request Form

    1st August 2017

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