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Какое отношение вы имеете к художественной гимнастике?
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2. Другое
3. Я тренер
4. Я люблю гимнастику, смотрю соревнование по телевизору и.т.д, но сам гимнастикой не занимаюсь
5. Я спортсмен-любитель
6. Я занимаюсь чем-то другим, а гимнастика мне нужна для общего развития
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    Главная » 2016 » Сентябрь » 13 » 2017 LA Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics “GRAND”, 31.03-02.04.2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    2017 LA Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics “GRAND”, 31.03-02.04.2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Dear Rhythmic Gymnastics Coaches & Club Directors,

     Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles invites you to join us for the 2017 LA Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics “GRAND” Invitational in beautiful Los Angeles, CA from Friday March 31st to Sunday April 2nd 2017.  THIS IS ONE OF THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPETITIVE RHYTHMIC GYMNASTIC COMPETITIONS IN AMERICA!

    Web Site:


    The competition venue will be held at Los Angeles Mission City College Main Gymnasium where we hosted the 2016 LA Cup and 2016 Level 7 to 10 SoCal State Championships. This world class facility features over 30,000 SQF of open floor space, 60 foot ceiling clearance, competition carpet over wood floor and a very large warm-up area with 3 full size Rhythmic Gymnastics carpets and ballet bars.


    AWARD CEREMONY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US… During the awards ceremony we will present the LA Cup Trophy to the top 3 highest scores in each level without regard of age. Individual routine and all-around medals will be awarded to the top 3 highest scores per level and age classification. Ribbons and achievement certificates will be awarded up to 8 place winners. Each grand level champion will also receive a special gift and prizes!

    The 2017 LA Cup is sanctioned as an international event and opened to clubs from all over the world. We already received registration interest from top clubs in the USA, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuanian, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Egypt, Israel and many other great nations. Complete schedule will be posted on the competition Web site ( by the end of December.

    Our goal is to make LA Cup one of the top and most competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions in the world.  We will always strive to attract the most competent and experienced High Level judges, offer quality prized, scholarships and gifts, and make it a very special and competitive event for the girls and entertaining for parents and Rhythmic Gymnastics fans.  We are honored to receive confirmation that

    Complete tournament information and registration forms can be downloaded through:

    Competition Site:

    Los Angeles Mission City College

    12890-Harding-St, Sylmar, CA 91342

    Entry Fees:

    Level 3/4  - $85 (fee includes 3 routines)
    Level 5/6 - $120 (fee includes 4 routines)
    Level 7/8 - $135 (fee includes 4 routines)
    Level 9/10 FIG - $155 (fee includes 4 routines)

    Entries are limited & each level will be closed when full. One check per team, payable to Rhythmic Academy. Entry fees are non-refundable!

    Competition Flyer:

    Mail Your Club Entry Fee To:

    Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles
    5632 Van Nuys Blvd., Box 237
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

    Team entry forms & fees must be received by Wednesday February 1st, 2017. Late entries, if accepted, will require a $25 fee per athlete.

    Competitive Levels 7-8 Forms: Please upload D-forms to by Monday March 20th 2017.  $25 fee per athlete will be charged for late forms received after March 20th 2017.

    Routine Music: All routine music must be uploaded to by Monday March 20th 2017. $25 fee per athlete will be charged for late forms received after March 20th 2017.

    Daily Admission: $25 Adult, $15 Senior, $10 Kids, $10 Students

    Awards: LA Cup Trophy will be awarded to the top 3 highest scores in each level without regard of age. Individual routine and all-around medals will be awarded to the top 3 highest scores per level and age classification. Ribbons and achievement certificates will be awarded up to 8 places.

    Host Hotel:

    Airtel Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre (10 mile from the competition site)
    7277 Valjean Ave. Van Nuys, CA, US, 91406
    Tel: 818 997-7676

    Special Group Rate: w/rate code Rhythmic Academy (Deadline February 28th 2017)

    We are also are setting up group rates with other top local hotels, please check the competition Web site for more information.

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at the competition.

    Serge Mezheritsky
    Club Director – Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles
    818 571-9175 (cell)

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