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    Главная » 2016 » Март » 8 » 15th Annual Millennium Cup International Invitational, 06-08.05.2016 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    15th Annual Millennium Cup International Invitational, 06-08.05.2016 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    International Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational

    May 6th to May 8th 2016

    You are invited to take part in our 15th Annual Millennium Cup International Invitational in Vancouver,
    British Columbia, Canada. Hosted in the World Class Richmond Olympic Oval, our event features some of Canada’s top National Team Members, guests from across Canada, USA and abroad as well as many upcoming and talented young athletes in Individual and Group in a competition open to All Levels.

    Join the fun, excitement, challenge and friendship of one of Canada’s most well established International events right here in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

    We hope to see you in Vancouver May 6-8, 2016!

    Adrienne Arnold
    Technical Director

    Contact us by phone 1.604.261.2752
    Contact us by e-mail or

    REGISTRATION FORM & FEES Friday, March 25, 2016
    SCRIPTS Sunday, May 1, 2016

    MADE PAYABLE TO ARA Gymnastics
    MAIL TO 5587 Olympic Street
    Vancouver, BC Canada V6N 1Z4

    OR PAY ONLINE  with credit card

    Individuals ONLY Level 2-10 $135.00 CAD each
    Individuals AND Group $135.00 CAD each
    Level 1 and Interclub or Group ONLY $ 85.00 CAD each member

    • Delegations responsible for own airfare and accommodation.
    • One judge requested per international team
    • Web site information

    Canadian National and International Categories
    Level 10 Junior & Seniors, National/International Team Members FIG Program
    Level 9 Junior & Seniors FIG Program

    Hopes (2003-2004) Free, + 3 of Any Apparatus;Note: Canadian Apparatus Rope, Hoop, Ball
    Max. 6 Diff (more allowed but cannot be on script) Max. D Value 7.00

    Benjamins (2005-2006) Free, + 2 Apparatus;Note: Canadian Apparatus Rope and Ball
    Max. 6 Diff (more allowed but cannot be on script) Max. D Value 7.0

    Development Categories (similar to Level 7 or 6 age groups USA) – Scripts used
    Senior (1999 or older) 3 Apparatus (no Free) Max. 6 Difficulties (more allowed but cannot be on script, Max. D Value 8.00
    Junior C (2000 or 2001) same as above rules for Senior and no Free, Max. D Value 8.0
    Junior B (2001 or 2002) same as above rules for Senior but either 3 apparatus or 2 apparatus and Free allowed
    Novice C (2002 or 2003) same as above rules for Senior and no Free, Max. 6 Difficulties
    Novice B (2003 or 2004) same as above rules for Senior but Free and 2 Apparatus Max. 6 Difficulties
    Pre Novice B (2004, 2005, 2006) Free and 2 Apparatus Max 6 Difficulties

    Beginner Categories (similar to Level 5, 4, 3 USA categories) – NO SCRIPTS USED!
    *Note skill levels also divided according to year of birth in each level
    Level 3A (free/hoop); Level 3B (free/hoop/ball); Level 3C (free/rope/ball) Max 6 Difficulties; Max D Value 7.0
    Level 2A (free/rope); Level 2B (free/ball); Max 6 Difficulties; Max D Value 7.0
    Level 1A (free); Level 1B (free/rope); Max D Value 7.0

    Scholarship Prizes
    Highest Ranked Level 9 or 10 Senior FIG AA – $750.00 CDN
    Highest Ranked Level 9 or 10 Junior FIG AA – $500.00 CDN
    Highest Ranked Level 8 Novice (Hope) AA – $250.00 CDN

    Prizes from Pastorelli Canada

    *valid only if 3 federations or more participate

    Individual Trophies
    Awarded to the top All Around scorer in each Individual Age Level per FIG International Category
    • Level 10 SR
    • Level 10JR
    • Level 9 SR
    • Level 9 JR
    • Hopes
    • Benjamin’s

    1-10 All Around
    1-3 per event in each category for Individual
    1-3 Groups in each Level and age category

    4-10 per event in each category for Individual

    15th Anniversary Edition Competition Tank Top Available for Sale
    $25.00 CDN
    Sizes Range from 4-16 years of age
    Place your order on the Registration Page

    For Coaches, Judges and Out of Town Guests
    Join us for a fun informal get-together outside of the gym and enjoy Drinks, Food and Dessert
    Saturday May 9th (after the competition)
    5587 Olympic Street
    Please RSVP on Registration Page with your number of expected Coaches and Judges
    More info to come after Registrations are received

    Hilton Vancouver Airport
    5911 Minoru Blvd
    Richmond, BC

    Phone: 604.233.3990
    Booking Link:
    Rooms are blocked under: Millennium Cup

    The Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel is located in downtown Richmond opposite the famous Richmond Centre Shopping Mall. This hotel is just a 5-minute walk to the Richmond Olympic Oval. The hotel’s convenient location is just 5km (3.1 miles) from Vancouver International Airport (with free airport shuttle), 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, 30 minutes from the U.S. border, and 2 hours from the resort town of Whistler. The Canada Line station takes you right to downtown Vancouver and is only two blocks from the hotel. Enjoy shopping and great restaurants during your stay.


    Wesbrook Community Centre

    Located at 5998 Berton Avenue at UBC



    Located at 5998 Berton Avenue at UBC, We offer a facility perfectly suited to your lifestyle – with a fully equipped gymnasium and fitness centre, art and dance studios and a range of class and meeting rooms! There is something for everyone

    Adagio International Rhythmic Gymnastics
    Academy of Vancouver
    International Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational

    May 6th to May 8th 2016

    Dear Rhythmic Friends,

    You are cordially invited to participate in the “Millennium Cup International Invitational 2016”. This is the 17th Annual Millennium Cup and we are thrilled to host you in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Millennium Cup 2016 will be held on the picturesque campus of the University of British Columbia. The venue in surrounded by forested walking trails and breathtaking views of Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains and the just offshore Gulf Islands. Local cafes, restaurants and small shops create a quaint village like feeling for local students and visitors alike. After the competition, hop on public transportation and you’re just 15 minutes to the vibrant downtown Vancouver shopping and entertainment districts. Combine our competition with a two day stay over to take in and enjoy all the World Class parks, gardens, restaurants, shops and welcoming atmosphere that Vancouver is famous

    We invite and look forward to welcoming our colleagues from across Canada, US, Mexico, South America, Asia, Australia, NZ and Europe to an exciting and elegant competition in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Please be in touch if you require any further information about our event as we are here to assist you in making your trip a memorable one.

    For our registrants from outside of the North American continent please let us know if you require a visa and we can provide you with a letter of support for your Canadian Visa Application. In addition, some billeting may be possible with host families for athletes and coaches on a first come, first serve basis. Lastly, we will offer a training camp before or after the competition which is another option to keep in mind for your team.

    Registration Deadline is March 25th, 2016 and Scripts are due April 25th, 2016

    We are excited to welcome you to Vancouver, May 6-8 for Millennium Cup 2016!


    Shawn Magid
    Millennium Cup 2015 Coordinator


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