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Вторник, 12.12.2017, 19:13
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«LUXEMBOURG CUP 2017», 15-18.12.2017, Luxembourg-Belair
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    Главная » 2017 » Июнь » 25 » 10th Rudolf Lion Cup 2017, 23.09.2017, Hof/Saale, Germany
    10th Rudolf Lion Cup 2017, 23.09.2017, Hof/Saale, Germany


    10th Rudolf Lion Cup 2017
     23.09.2017, Hof/Saale, Germany


    For more information visit 

    TSV Hof 1861

    - Rhythmic Gymnastics- Jahnstraße 5

    95030 Hof / Saale Tel.: +49 9281 / 2402

    Fax: +49 9281 / 7533773


    Jahnhalle Hof Jahnstraße 5 95030 Hof / Saale


    Day of arrival & training 22.09.2017 Competition 23.09.2017

    Day of departure 24.09.2017


    Individual competition - Level A & B

    Gymnastics is under the sign of the international code of points scoring from 2017-2020.



    Babies                  - Born 2010 and later   without apparatus

    Mini                      - Born 2009                         without apparatus + 1 apparatus of choice

    Children  - Born 2008           without apparatus + 1 apparatus of choice

    Pre-Juniors       - Born 2007 - 2005         2 apparatus of choice

    Juniors                 - Born 2004 - 2002         2 apparatus of choice

    Seniors                - Born 2001+                      2 apparatus of choice



    Pre-Juniors B - Born 2007 - 2005 2 apparatus of choice
    Juniors B      - Born 2004 - 2002 2 apparatus of choice
    Seniors B    - Born 2001+      2 apparatus of choice


    Delegation:       x gymnast, 1 coach and 2 judges


    When reporting, please indicate the apparatus, the category and the level! Maximum number of gymnasts 120. Subsequent notifications will not be considered.               For each notification, every club has to report two judges.

    A cancellation fee of 15,- € is per unreported judge to be paid.


    Warm up:                                           8:00 am

    Start:                                                     9:30 am

    Judges meeting:                             8:30 am


    Entry fee:                                          
    25, - € per gymnast (for the first 6) 30, - € per gymnast (for the 7th,8th ...)

    To pay at the competition hall in cash.


    Free practice on Friday from 15:00 pm -21:00 pm (no registration required)


    Deadline for application:            27.08.2017


    Please use the attached Word document and return it!

    Trophies for places 1 – 3

    Each participant receives a certificate and a gift.

    Special tribute to the oldest and youngest gymnast


    Indoor use:                                       
    In the hall you have to wear clean shoes.

    No shoes with high/spike heels.


    Handle over your CDs to the music desk before the beginning of the competition. Please burn only one track on CD and separate each in one case. Please write in Latin letters (German or English) the whole name, the club name, category, country and the apparatus on each CD.

    No USB-Sticks.


    Youth hostel Hof

      +49 (0)9281 / 9 32 77


    Other accommodation see under: or

      Tourist-Information Hof                     +49 (0)9281 815 7777

    +49 (0)9281 815 7779


    Each club is responsible for organizing, booking and payment of his room.


    Cost absorption:                            
    We will not give any commitment concerning the assumption of

    the costs during your stay in Germany !


    All participating delegations are responsible for having the necessary coverage against accidents and illness.


    Shuttle Service:                              
    There is a shuttle service on the day of arrival (22.09.2017) from the station Hof to the accommodations.

    On 23.09.2017 from the accommodation to competition hall and back.

    On the day of departure (24.09.2017) from the accommodations to the station Hof.


    If required, please indicate in the notification date, time and number of people.

    On 23.09.2017 after the competition for all gymnasts, coaches and judges.

    The payment for the buffet is included in the entry fee.


    Accompanying persons pay 5, - € local.

    You have to take care of meal on your own for the other days.


    The way to the center of Hof   
    From the competition venue is about a 10 minute walk to downtown.

    Maps are at the entrance of the competition hall.

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