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    Главная » 2018 » Июль » 23 » International Tournament for the Rhythmic Gymnastics «THE BALTIC AUTUMN» 2018, 15-18.11.2018, Tallinn, Estonia
    International Tournament for the Rhythmic Gymnastics «THE BALTIC AUTUMN» 2018, 15-18.11.2018, Tallinn, Estonia

    15-18.11.2018, Tallinn, Estonia

    11/15/2018 (Thursday) / Teams/delegations arrival day, / sightseeing tour of the old city of Tallinn with a guide, dinner
    11/16/2018 (Friday) / it is possible to book an excursion to the museums of Tallinn, a TV tower excursion with a guide, training (carpet trial), dinner
    11/17/2018 (Saturday) / competition in personal classification /meeting of judges in the morning/ in the evening dinner for judges and coaches at the hotel (to confirm when registering the team)
    11/18/2018 (Resurrection) / individual and group classification competitions /
    departure of teams
    11/19/2018 (Monday) / departure of teams

    Through the Internet:
    10/15/2018 / final registration

    - up to 10 gymnasts from one delegation
    - in each subgroup from a team of up to 5 gymnasts
    - 1 referee, 1 coach / Without giving a judge in the tournament, the team must pay a penalty: 50 euros.
    - The judge must attend all competitions. Otherwise, the team must pay a fine of 50 euros.

    Individual - 40 euros per gymnast
    Entry fee from the group team: 70 euros.
    Due to the illness of the gymnast, the participant is allowed to withdraw from the lists of competitions, before November 5, without paying the entry fee! After this, the entry fee is paid in 100% and the team receives a prepared for the gymnast gift.

    Will be held in the competition hall on November 16 (Friday). Payment on site during registration of the team: entry fee, accommodation and transfer.

    "Kallavere" Keskkool
    Noorte 5, Maardu, Estonia

    +372 56916 224 (Jelena Agafontseva)
    MTÜ TIP-TOP KLUB (Rhythmic Gymnastics School)
    Reg. 80288067

    All participants of the competitions receive memorable gifts and diplomas!
    Winners of 1-3 place are awarded: medals, diplomas, gifts.
    Small participants of the tournament: from 2012 to 2010, and younger receive medals.
    The tournament is also awarded the nominations: "Mini Miss“,which is selected by the mayor of the city in which the tournament is held or by other representatives of the city assembly of Maardu.
    Also, following nominations of the tournament's will be rewarded: "The smallest participant of the competition","Miss tournament" and additional nominations will be determined and the winners will be awarded with memorable gifts from the organisers of the tournament and sponsors.

    Organisers do not bear responsibility in the event of accidents, so all participants of the competition, please make the appropriate insurance in advance!

    Meeting and departure of delegations (it is possible to order a bus / transfer to the airport, railway station, bus station).
    From 35 to 55 euros one trip.
    The price depends on the number of places to book a bus / transfer team.
    Payment is made by the ordering team.

    Accommodation in the hotel: ECOLAND SPA HOTEL (Randvere tee 115, Tallinn)
    Booked this hotel only through the organisers of the competition!
    On the day of arrival from the 15th or 16th of November, as the more convenient arrival teams arrive:
    Prices are listed below per day in rooms 2 - 4-bed rooms.
    If you wish to book a single room, then 10 Euros added to the price.
    11/15/2018 - day of arrival: 50 euros (per person) accommodation (first night)
    Dinner at the hotel
    Sightseeing tour to the old city of Tallinn, with a guide (transfer to the excursion from the hotel and back)
    Approximate departure of the bus with a guide on an excursion to the old town, from the hotel 16.00 / 16.30.
    11/16/2018 - 45 euro per day (per person)
    - Breakfast
    - Training. We suggest to get acquainted with the hall from 17.00 to 20.00. The
    transfer fee is paid from the hotel to the hall (round-trip) per person - 5 euros.
    - Dinner at the hotel
    - Lunch can be ordered separately (cost 15 euros per person)
    11/17/2018 - 45 euro per day:
    - Breakfast
    -Transfer (hotel-hall-hotel). Transfer fee (round-trip). The transfer is given in the morning before the start of the competition and back at the end of the tournament. 5 euro per person
    - Dinner at the hotel
    - A general dinner for coaches and judges, after the competition in the hotel (a separate room, inform about the presence at the registration of the team for the tournament)
    11/18/2018 - 45 euro per day:
    - Breakfast
    - Transfer (hotel-hall-hotel).
    Transfer fee (round trip) - 5 Euro per person
    - Dinner at the hotel
    - Breakfast
    - Departure of delegations

    In the hall during the competition there will be a café. You can buy children a hot lunch, salads, sweet, tea and coffee.
    For judges and coaches, hot lunch and coffee breaks during the competition will be provided by the organisers.

    Excursion in the first half of the day on November 16
    Group from 7 people max 25 people.
    "Marzipan fairy tale."
    Want to eat sweets, draw and receive a gift?
    So do it yourself - for yourself, your children and friends - paint or sculpt a marzipan figure! You will find yourself in a marzipan museum room. Excursion in the museum, after which you will have the opportunity under the guidance of the master to paint the marzipan figure and take it with you.
    Ticket per person: 10 euros.
    Interactive excursion to the TV tower.
    Very close location from the hotel "Ecoland" (transfer at will). View from the Tallinn TV tower - unique in Tallinn and throughout Northern Europe. Under you stretch the Muuga forests, in the distance - the beautiful Old Town and the iridescent surface of the Baltic Sea in all its splendor. In the years of the Iron Curtain, it was here that for many people in Estonia there was a window into the free world: in the evening Helsinki lights can be seen from here.
    Ticket: EUR 15 per person.
    Excursion is an interactive journey to the country of dolls, puppet theater «NUKU».
    "Angels, Fairies, Dolls and Other Miracles!"
    According to the legend, the first man-like doll was made in 1250 by the German philosopher, theologian Albertus Magnus. In 1255, he visited Tallinn, and it is likely that here he created his own wonderful dolls. Each doll has its own life, its own character, its own personality and its author. You will tell the story of each doll!
    Ticket: 12 euro.
    Excursion "Children's Gingerbread".
    How did the merry painted Christmas gingerbread cookies? How old are they and why are they dark? What does the ancient knights and crusades have to do with it? What diseases in the old days were treated with gingerbreads? What do the various forms of cookies and patterns of multicoloured glaze mean? 
    The guide service and transfer for excursions are paid separately by a willing team.

    Must be submitted for competitions and attached to each gymnast in MP3 format on the website:
    And just in case, bring a separate CD with you.

    At the end of the competition, the second day will be a gala concert. Each team presents 1-2 short demonstration numbers (max 1 per team) at most of 3 minutes. 
    Please fill out the table for the competitors. And also indicate the arrival and departure of the team.
    Time, place and whether transport is necessary and for how many seats.

    All expenses for food, accommodation and transport are borne by the sending organisations.
    We can help with obtaining visas, who have Schengen visas, they are valid for Estonia.
    We will help in issuing visas only for the participants of the competitions and for a maximum of two, three adults - a coach, a judge and one accompanying person!

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