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Форум » Художественная гимнастика » Соревнования! События! Результаты! » RG 33rd Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships 2014
RG 33rd Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships 2014
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RG 33rd Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships 2014
21 - 28 September 2014, IZMIR, Turkey

Ticket Sale
The ticket of 33rd World Rhtytmic Gymnastics Championship which will be held in İzmir between the dates of September 21 - 28, 2014 are going to be on sale very soon at Biletiva >>>
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KaterinkaДата: Воскресенье, 21.09.2014, 14:48 | Сообщение # 63
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World Championships a team effort for France's Kseniya Moustafaeva and her mom

"Oh, don't say that, you'll make me cry," said Svetlana Moustafaeva, her eyes filling with happy tears. Someone in the training hall at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Izmir (TUR) had just told her that her daughter Kseniya was a lovely gymnast.

Does that happen often? Kseniya Moustafaeva was asked later. The blonde 19-year-old, a younger version of her mother, smiled broadly and shook her head. "No, it doesn't happen too often," the younger Moustafaeva responded, "but it's true that when I have success in competition, it brings out the emotions. It's a huge undertaking, all the work we do together, and when it's with your mother, it's not at all the same thing. It's much more difficult, so there's great happiness when we succeed."

Mother and daughter have already had much to celebrate in 2014. Since Kseniya's 12th place All-around finish at her debut World Championships last year, she has matured both emotionally and gymnastically, noted Christophe Lambert, head of the French delegation head at the World Championships. With more complex programs and a renewed commitment to her sport this year, Moustafaeva has twice finished in the top six overall at high-profile World Cup competitions this season. At the Kazan World Cup two weeks ago, a Worlds dress rehersal that drew the cream of the Rhythmic World, Moustafaeva was one of only a small handful of gymnasts to compete in all four event finals. The solid, consistent performance, in addition to her sixth place All-around finish, solidified her status as a top competitor on the international scene.

"It's true that compared to last year, I've progressed a lot," Kseniya remarked in Izmir. "Last year was my first year, so everything was new for me. Now I have more experience, and the way I've trained this year, well, we'll see. I've reached a new level, you could say. I've really focused on gymnastics, and it's my passion, so I'm giving it everything that I have."

It was Svetlana, herself a former Rhythmic gymnast, who introduced Kseniya to the discipline when she was four years old. Ever her mother's daughter, Kseniya rapidly took to the sport and never sought to do anything else. Kseniya continued to progress in gymnastics after the Moustafaeva family moved from Minsk to France when she was four, and eventually she and Svetlana began training at INSEP, the famed Olympic training center just east of Paris.

Being trained by a parent is not always easy. Nor is bridging the space between parenting and coaching. "Before, it could get complicated," Kseniya said. "But with the passage of time, I grew up, and I realized that she has all this experience, and things have gotten better and better."

For this World Championships, Moustafaeva is focusing on qualifying in the top 24, which will assure her a space in Friday's All-around final. Qualifying for event finals -- "and getting as close to the podium as possible," she added -- would be an added bonus.

On the horizon is the Rio Olympics, though Moustafaeva has chosen to think only in the near-term. "I think it's a step," she said of the Olympics. "It's the next thing, and I'll think about it more next year. All the competitions before it are a step, and so I'm concentrating all my attention on these coming up."
KaterinkaДата: Воскресенье, 21.09.2014, 14:51 | Сообщение # 64
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Podium training begins at 2014 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

The sight of Hoops, Balls, Ribbons and Clubs flying through the air inside the Halkapinar Sport Hall delighted onlookers, including workers putting the finishing touches on the venue as podium training began Saturday at the 2014 FIG World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Izmir (TUR).

Up for early morning podium training was Korean star Son Yeon Jae, who managed to smile as she went through clean routines with all apparatus. Son, a finalist with the Hoop, Ball and Clubs at the 2013 World Championships in Kiev (UKR), looked sharp and elegant even at the early hour.

The Russian contingent, including reigning World champion Yana Kudryavtseva, dazzled during their mid-morning session, with Kudryavtseva, Margarita Mamun and newcomer Aleksandra Soldatova each showing complex and vastly varied routines. Absent was Russia's Maria Titova, who was named to the country's nominative roster.

Kudryavtseva, who is battling a cold, nonetheless trained her routines well, even managing to smile on cue as she trained. As she has all through the World Cup season, the 16-year-old showed almost complete mastery of the apparatus and the fluid movement that she's become known for.

After the Russians trained, each gymnast tried on one or two of their competition leotards, checking to make sure that the colors worked with the mainly purple and white background of the arena. The Turkish Organizing Committee has gone all out in making gymnasts feel like they are performing in an exotic land; arena decor includes a backdrop of the Izmir skyline, while the Kiss and Cry area where gymnasts will recieve their scores is inside a life-sized white model temple just off the floor mat.

Those who trained in the arena in the afternoon included podium contenders Neta Rivkin (ISR) and Kseniya Moustafaeva (FRA), both of whom performed engaging exercises with oustanding vivacity. Japan's individuals -- Sakura Hayakawa, Kaho Minagawa and Maho Mikami -- all worked well with their Russian coach, each demonstrating unique skills and polished routines.

Individual competition at the 2014 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships begins Monday with qualification for the Hoop and Ball finals, which will take place Tuesday evening. Clubs and Ribbon qualification begins Wednesday, with finals contested Wednesday night. The top 24 gymnasts (two per country) overall will compete in Friday's All-around final.
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Smiling Melitina Staniouta just savoring the moment at the World Rhythmic Championships

It's not so much that Melitina Staniouta (BLR) chose to do Rhythmic Gymnastics -- "I always say it's Rhythmic Gymnastics that chose me," the 21-year-old Belarussian commented after her podium training session Sunday morning at the 2014 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

Melitina Staniouta (BLR) in training at the 2014 World Rhythmic Championships in Izmir (TUR), and competing at the 2013 Worlds in Kiev (UKR).

Either way, it has been an excellent fit for both. As she gets ready to compete at her fifth World Championships, Staniouta, a 2012 Olympian and the reigning World All-around bronze medallist, is one of the most recognized faces in the Rhythmic world -- and as usual, that face was smiling after podium training.

In preparing for Izmir, Staniouta, who has won at least one medal at every Worlds since 2009, has followed a tried and true formula for success. "I have to say that I haven't done anything really special, just training and calming myself down," she confessed with a giggle. I think everyone has done a lot of work to show their best here, so we'll see. Anything can happen, but I would like to be able to say that I did everything that I could, no matter what the scores or the placements. Like everyone, I just want to do my best."

Staniouta's technical precision, not to mention the obvious joy she shows in performing, make her stand out even among the solid and graceful Eastern European bloc in Rhythmic. If anyone is going to upset Russian favorites Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun in Izmir, Staniouta -- who pipped Mamun for All-around medals at both the 2013 Worlds and 2014 Europeans -- may be the gymnast to do it.

Though she'll be one of the most experienced competitiors on the floor in Turkey, Staniouta still gets butterflies in her stomach before every competition. She sees it as a good thing: "I rememeber Mike Tyson said that the sportsman who is not nervous is a fool," she commented.

Carrying herself well in competition is a lesson she learned from 2012 Olympic bronze medallist Liubou Charkashyna (BLR), who mentored Staniouta when she was younger and remains a close friend. "She was like my older sister," Staniouta remarked. "I always say thank you to her because when I was young like Kate (younger teammate Katsiaryna Halkina) is now, she always gave great advice. Now I try to repeat it to the other girls."

Longevity was a lesson learned from her great-grandmother, a Soviet movie star and ballerina who at 93 could still take her place at the barre and do some stretching, Staniouta says. (She hopes to follow suit when she's older.) And living for the moment? That, like her career in Rhythmic, has come naturally.

"After the Olympics I understood that everything can stop suddenly and I have to enjoy what I'm doing," she said. "Today I'm a gymnast, tomorrow I may not be. These minutes performing my routines, why not enjoy them?" Another smile.
KaterinkaДата: Воскресенье, 21.09.2014, 16:54 | Сообщение # 66
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Все украинские чемпионки мира по художественной гимнастике. Инфографика

Перед стартом мирового первенства XSPORT вспоминает самых титулованных граций.

Альбина Дерюгина следит за выступлением Анны Ризатдиновой /


21 сентября в Измире, Турция, пройдет открытие 33-го чемпионата мира по художественной гимнастике. Украину на «мире» будут представлять:

- в индивидуальном первенстве: Анна Ризатдинова, Виктория Мазур, Элеонора Романова, Анастасия Мульмина;

- в групповых соревнованиях: Александра Асланян, Анастасия Возняк, Валерия Гудым, Александра Гридасова, Елена Дмитраш, Ольга Михальчук.

Анна Ризатдинова /

Соревнования в Измире начнутся уже в понедельник. Комплекты медалей в отдельных предметах будут разыграны во вторник (обруч, мяч) и в четверг (булавы, лента). В пятницу определятся медалистки в личном абсолютном первенстве, а на выходных пройдут соревнования в групповых упражнениях.

Расклад сил перед нынешним мировым первенством традиционен – еще до старта все золото в личном первенстве повесили на шеи россиянкам, которые везут двух своих основных «прим», Яну Кудрявцеву, выигравшую почти весь Кубок мира этого года, и Маргариту Мамун.

Россиянки Мамун (слева) и Кудрявцева (в центре) и Алина Максименко из Украины /

В том, что украинкам отдадут хотя бы одно золото, как это произошло в прошлом году на домашнем на команды Дерюгиных чемпионате мира, возникают большие сомнения. Но Анна Ризатдинова, украинская героиня прошлогоднего мундиаля, в этом году выигравшая бронзу в «абсолюте» на чемпионате Европы в Баку, настроена бороться за медали. И, кстати, пребывает в боевом настрое. В первый тренировочный день в Измире Аня поделилась этой фотографией со следующей подписью:


"Ну что первый тренировочный день закончился,и мы успели отличиться ...мою заброшенную ленточку снимаем дружно всей командой".

В преддверии чемпионата мира предлагаем вспомнить всех украинских звезд художественной гимнастики, в разные годы выигрывавших самое престижное золото чемпионатом мира – в абсолютно первенстве.

Самой титулованной гимнасткой в истории Украины по количеству медалей на ЧМ остается киевлянка Александра Тимошенко. К 10 золотым медалям «миров» она в 1992 году добавила еще и Олимпийское золото. Отметим, что после победы Анны Бессоновой в «абсолюте» в Греции в 2007 году украинки не поднимались на вершину мировых подиумов до 2013 года, то есть три чемпионата мира.
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Александра Солдатова

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Izmir 2014: Giulia Di Luca

Izmir 2014: Alessia Russo

Izmir 2014: Veronica Bertolini
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2014 Rhythmic Worlds, Izmir (TUR) - Teaser - We are Gymnastics !

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